12 Days of Christmas

We’re getting ready for Christmas and Local businesses have teamed up with WTTR and Santa to give away lots of great gifts for 12 days in a row between December 1-12 (Weekend winners will be announced Mondays)

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Check out the gift for each day below.
  2. Visit the place of business that has the gift you want, and TAKE a SELFIE with Garland, Jingle and Holly the Christmas pups
  3. Attach the selfie to your entry email on the website and send to Santa
  4. One entry per prize/day per person.
  5. All entries are chosen from a random drawing.
  6. Then listen every day of the 12 days to see if you’ve won!
  7. Winners will be notified by phone.

Winners will be notified by phone, and all PRIZE certificates must be picked up at the Radio station between 10 am – 4 pm weekdays prior to Dec 22… (Special arrangements can be made if necessary , contact  Donna Jean at WTTR) . The PRIZE CERTIFICATES are then taken to the place of business to get the Gift .

If you or a family member have won a prize from WTTR  in the past 90 days, you’re not eligible for this contest.

Greenmount Station Restaurant

5th Day of Christmas
(Mon, Dec 5)

St. John Church and School

6th Day of Christmas
(Tues, Dec 6)

Carroll County Artists Tour

7th Day of Christmas
(Wed, Dec 7)