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Carroll County Community Spotlight: April Veterans Independence Program

5 April 2018 Uncategorized

The purpose of the Carroll County Veterans Independence Project is to provide services to the approximately 13,000 veterans living in Carroll County and nearby communities. According to a 2016 federal government report an average of 8.75 percent of that population is homeless at any given time. Currently there is no permanent shelter or transitional services specifically devoted to veterans. To address this issue, a steering committee consisting of local individuals, mostly retired veterans and other community volunteers have begun the process of acquiring, refurbishing and repurposing the USAR/Building (1961) located on Malcolm Drive in Westminster.

Once completed the facility will: Provide shelter, assistance and social support for Carroll county veterans and their families; Provide services related to housing, transportation, physical and mental health care and nutritional needs; Provide job training and educational programs, internships and mentoring opportunities; Promote emotional and social well-being and advocacy for those who sacrificed and served our Nation.

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