December Carroll County Community Spotlight: Waste Not! Carroll

16 January 2019 Non-Profit Spotlight

This month’s non-profit spotlight is Waste Not! Carroll

Waste not’s mission is to educate the citizens of Carroll County about the local efforts to reduce waste, save precious resources and ease the burden on our landfills. By working with businesses, citizens and government leaders, we hope to build on the county’s early efforts to develop sensible and sustainable alternatives to managing its solid waste.

If you want to learn more about them go to wastenotcarroll.org

About WasteNot! Carroll

Waste Not Carroll envisions public and private partnerships to realize effective resource recovery within Zero Waste concepts and practices, emphasizinconcepts of reduce, reuse, recycle, including composting. The Zero Waste philosophy is based on the reality that landfill space is limited and thatorganic decay in landfills releases methane that contributes to the warming of the earth’s atmosphere. The solution starts with the reduction of packaging and plastics, the repurposing and ultimate elimination of single use plastics and the composting of organic waste.

Implementing Zero Waste practices strives to eliminate discharges to land, water or air that may be a threat to our communities and our natural resources.

Waste Not Carroll is a grassroots effort open to any interested residents of the area, and we welcome the participation and input of citizens, businesses, government leaders and civic groups.